Is there a warranty for my glasses?

Yes, everything we sell has at least a one year warranty, and most of our products are warranted for two years. While we search for the best frames in the world, we understand that mistakes can happen. So when those mistakes happen, the warranty is there to help. For any warranty claims please reach out to us either by phone (435)-752-5796 or email us team@krystalvision.com. Remember, do not use any glue if you try to temporarily fix your glasses, this will do more bad than good. Tape is your friend!

What happens if I don’t like my glasses?

There are a lot of reasons you may not like your glasses. We have a 60 day period where we can make any changes necessary. With that being said, glasses are a custom made product so there is no money back, and there will be a charge if the new product is more expensive.

Can you bill my insurance plan?

We accept a handful of insurances in network. If we don’t accept it we have software that can figure out what you can be reimbursed. For any questions regarding insurance you can get more info here. If you don’t find your answer there, you’re always welcome to give us a call or stop by!

How do I order online?

We’re excited to offer the opportunity to order online. Our service is a little different than some other online stores because we like to make sure a certified Optician reviews everything before it’s finalized. When you find a frame that you like you can do one of two things, you can request the frame for an at home try on to see it in person, or you can request a price quote. Requesting a price quote bypasses the at home try on and you will be asked to submit a prescription and any measurements you may have. Once the order is approved, you will be billed and we will begin processing your order!

How does the at home try on work?

Our at home try on is very easy to use and straight forward. After you find some frames you like and have added them to your at home try on list you can submit your order. When you submit your order a $30 hold will be placed on the card you enter, then we will ship the frames you selected. Once you receive the frames you get the opportunity to try them on and get opinions from friends and family! When you’ve made your decision on which glasses you want you can snap a selfie and upload it to your order, this allows us to get accurate fitting measurements. Then you can return them with the provided return label and we will have lenses ready to go when we receive the frames and ship the completed glasses back out to you within 7-10 days!

How long will it take to receive my glasses?

Every order is a little different. If we have the lenses in stock and the order is placed in office then we can have the order completed within 30 minutes. If we have to order the lenses then we typically quote 3-5 days, there are some variables here and we make sure to give you a heads up if we expect any delays.
For online orders we typically quote 7-10 days to account for shipping times. Our goal is to always get it to you as fast as possible and we will let you know if anything happens to extend that time frame.